#WhoIsShe? Christian Louboutin Launches 30mL Parfum – Trouble In Heaven

“A woman is not exactly just one person. Who is she? She can be a different woman at different times. She can be a lover in one moment and a little girl in the next. She is working. She is enjoying life. Is she going on a date? Does she want to highlight herself? Does she want to have an impact on someone or does she want to forget herself? Does she want to feel more feminine? Who is she?” -Christian Louboutin

Powerful, compelling, seductive – Trouble in Heaven! Mysterious and overt, intoxicating amber resonates with notes of patchouli, tonka absolut and iris to create liaisons dangereuses. Warm and sexy, impactful, Trouble in Heaven lights the fire. Soon in a perfect size for a woman to keep close to her at all times. #WhoIsShe

Director: Benoît Tételin
Producer: Marie-Jeanne Pascal
Line Producer: François Lebourg
DOP: Jean-Claude Larrieu
Choreographer : Mehdi Kerkouche
Music: Remy Laurençon
Artwork: Nicolas Courtesy – Galerie Antonine Catzeflis

#WhoIsShe? Christian Louboutin Launches 30mL Parfum – Trouble In Heaven


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