All I Want for Christmas Is… by Laura Badulli

Christmas is coming soon and, like every year, we will have to face the most difficult choice… what to give?

Whether you have to choose a gift for your girlfriend, your wife or just a friend, please: do not get crazy looking for something extraordinary; the answer to all your doubts is easy: a Perfume!

To give a Perfume, as a Christmas gift, for some people can be considered a gift without personality. The truth is that behind a Parfum there is a world full of essences, aromas, dreams, and desires.


To give a Perfume means knowing the personality, the character and the spirit of the person to whom we give it.

It is a mix of essences, blended together to create unforgettable notes.

It’s the magic potion that makes us ourselves, that gives us superpowers, makes us even more women.

With my work, I have the honor to discover and try out the best fragrances, created by the most famous perfumer before they go out on the market.

So here I list the fragrances, that, in my opinion, will be the 3 Christmas 2017 bestsellers:

Gabrielle, Chanel: the brand is a certainty! Chanel is Perfume par excellence. Any fragrance created by the Maison is a guaranteed success. The bottle, with essential lines, encloses the Perfume essence that, with its slightly golden color, will heat the heart of the woman who will receive it. It is a solar, ethereal and extremely feminine fragrance … an ode to independent women, determined and courageous, just like Gabrielle, the famous designer from whom the fragrance takes its name.

It is a Perfume, with a touch of sun, jasmine, ylang-ylang, orange flowers and tuberous.

It is a Perfume that resembles women’s femininity, and it does not decide who you are because you’re the one you’ve already decided you want to be!

Tiffany & Co, Tiffany: First of all I have to say that I love their jewelry, simple but with a strong impact. A refined simplicity that conquers me every time.


Tiffany Perfume is also a jewelry piece, enclosed inside a box with the unmistakable Tiffany color. Just discarding a package with that paper is a dream! By discarding the pack, we find ourselves in front of the bottle, which, as already anticipated, is a small jewel! It is inspired by one of the most famous Maison diamonds … that is already a work of art.

The fragrance is slightly blurred in the classic Tiffany color, to complete the aesthetic work.

The Perfume is fresh, gentle, delicate but daring; the mandarin notes make it fresh and lively. However, it is in the heart of this essence that I find my favorite component: iris flower. Feminine, elegant and timeless. A mix of perfectly balanced essences able to inebriate. I love it!

I conclude by turning my thinking to the men of our lives: fathers, husbands, brothers, sisters, grandparents, and friends.

To all those who ask me a fragrance for their loved ones, I wish you that someone will give you a Perfume for Christmas!

Because (let’s say it!) everyone deserve a Perfume under the Christmas tree  …!

Therefore this is my tip:

Colonia Pura, Aqua di Parma: it is a classic, dynamic and strong… just like every man should be.

Modern, fresh and sensual, it is a Perfume that does not hide the man talents, but it dresses the man, as a customized dress, exalting his talents.

You will feel the Bergamot than the jasmine will take place, and later you will smell the white musk and patchouli. This unique aroma will literally conquer every woman.

The classic Acqua di Parma box, in yellow cardboard, encloses a simple, discreet but at the same time very elegant bottle … because the important is to be, not to appear!

I love this fragrance. He reminds me men similar to my father … men of old age; real men, confident, who did not care about the appearance but who cares about the certainty of being! … just what this perfume transmits!

Laura Badulli (Douglas)

Instagram: @laurabadulli _official blank

All I Want for Christmas Is… by Laura Badulli


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