Vivivenne Westwood Spring/Summer 2016 Full Fashion Show Exclusive

VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, the UK’s most pre-eminent enfant terrible, gave us another show to write home about today. While the set hinted that a Seventies-themed collection might be to come – the room was disco-drenched in light bouncing off mirrored balls – what came was more of a celebration of summertime back home.

Loose and easy wrap dresses with ruffled fronts came in pretty pale-pink-and-white seaside stripes, as well as beautiful garden florals; prefect-style blazers were adorned with gold embellishment and signature orbs (as opposed to boring badges) in which to wrap that cherished last day of school; tailoring was covered in costly wallpaper prints, reminiscent of old country houses where one retreats for afternoon tea; while wide-brimmed hats wrapped in the finest of white tulle and coarse hessian fabrics paid homage to the beekeepers and farmers that work the land as late as the sun will allow.

What is always clear at a Vivienne Westwood show, despite the reliable spectacle, is exactly what has ensured the designer’s longevity: wearability. Today the ruffled-hem wrap dresses; the sexy oversized tailoring; and the embroidered skirt and sweater combos had serious appeal. These are clothes that time and time again highlight the beauty of the female form, made by a woman who knows exactly the areas that women want, and don’t want, to highlight.

Scarlett Conlon

Vivivenne Westwood Spring/Summer 2016 Full Fashion Show Exclusive


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