Victoria Beckham Spring/Summer 2017

To study paparazzi pics of Victoria Beckham in the weeks leading up to her show gives you a good idea about the direction her collection will take. Over the summer, Beckham sported looks with more volume. At a preview a couple of days ago she wore slouchy pajama-style pants and flats. Feeling relaxed, then? The theory bore fruit on her runway this morning. She continues to distance herself from her wiggle dress early days. For Spring, she made a point about ease by washing and crushing precious silks and velvets, deconstructing clingy knit dresses so necklines exposed the clingy knit bras underneath, and sending most looks out with flat knee-high boots made from canvas and leather. Bras, in general, were a big story, standing in for shirts under a couple of silk suits, and pairing with skirts that came out from hip bones. These might prove too relaxed for ladies of a certain age, or anyone over a size 4.

The collection’s undisputed selling point was its luscious color. The peppermint and lilac of her crushed silk velvet, which she also used for unstructured cross-body bags, has an almost iridescent quality, and the orange of a ribbed knit dress fairly pulsated. Elsewhere, she printed white leather with delicate floral motifs. The sleeper hit just might be a navy dress in multiple layers of chiffon so light Beckham and co. have taken to calling it sea foam. That’s the kind of relaxed a woman could really get into.

by Nicole Phelps

Victoria Beckham Spring Summer 2017 Full Runway Fashion Show Collection


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