Versace Women’s Spring/Summer 2017 Show

This collection is all about a woman’s freedom: freedom of movement, freedom of activity, freedom to fight for their ideas, freedom to be whomever you want to be.

Show Lyrics by Violet & Photonz

Celebrating the strength of women, and the power of the female future

– This show, this show is for the women taking chances – Take the leap, if we do nothing, we get nothing
– Take the leap, all we need is a friend or two
– Beating hearts and a plan
– Take the leap, cause living is better than dreaming
– Take the leap, we’ve got it all if we look for it deep inside, deep deep down inside
– Take the leap, our past is behind us, our future is up for grabs, take the leap and the net will appear
– Strength is there behind our fear
– We’re standing on the shoulders of giants of women who left their mark in history
– We love you, we thank you, we will not forget you, we will keep the flame alive, we will make it up for you
– We too will take the leap

a luxurious sportswear, this Versace collection celebrates the freedom and strength of today’s women. ” The freedom to be whoever you want,” says Donatella Versace just a few minutes before the show. Freedom to feel sexy and feminine even when wearing a masculine suit with elongated jacket and lace leggings, a technical nylon dress cinched by a  drawstring, a long pleated dress , a deep slit sheath dress  or a long mesh and rhinestone tank top. “Sportswear is the future of fashion … making it unique is my challenge.” Heads up Donatella, successful mission


green, black, yellow, khaki

jersey, lace, nylon, leather, silk

tailored suits alternate with draped or deep slit dresses. Jackets are short, while parkas are oversized

travel platform sandals  or knee high leather boots. Stardust rock-chic bag and maxi backpacks

By Massimiliano Sortino

Versace Women’s Spring/Summer 2017 Show


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