Versace Women’s Fall-Winter 2019 | Fashion Show | Virtus Bag

Introducing the new Versace handbag line, Virtus.

Making its debut on the Fall-Winter 2019 runway, the bag takes its name from the Roman deity, Virtus – symbolizing strength, courage and excellence.
A bold symbol of the brand’s aesthetic heritage, the central gold-tone metal Barocco letter V characterizes the bag. The Baroque V is an important motif of the Fall-Winter 2019 collection. First appearing in the Spring-Summer 1992 print Personal Alphabet, the letter is embellished by acanthus leaves taken from Versace’s signature Barocco. The V is featured prominently on the new bag line – as metal hardware or as a V-pattern embroidered in shiny thread.
The Virtus bag comes in many variations: as a tote, top handle, belt, shoulder or evening bag. Crafted from supple calf leather, the Virtus is declined in a variety of colors and finishes. In the Fall-Winter 2019 collection, the Virtus line is available in an array of bright, bold colors such as turquoise, fuchsia, coral red as well as more toned-down hues like camel, black and white. The leather workmanship ranges from smooth to quilting with a V-letter pattern. Some models feature shiny jacquard inserts with the V-letter motif embroidered in metallic thread.

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