Versace House Party | The Pre-Fall 2020 Campaign

What better way to introduce the #VersacePreFall20 collection than throwing a party?

Set in a grand mansion on the shoreline of Lake Como, the campaign sees the return of model Georgina Grenville in a celebration of a decades long friendship. Georgina previously starred in the Versace Fall-Winter 2000 campaign and is now back, almost twenty years later, for Pre-Fall 2020. She plays “The Matriarch” – a powerful and independent mother. While she leaves the mansion for a short business trip, The Matriarch’s rebellious two daughters through a house party. It’s a swirling kaleidoscope of mischief and Versace glamour. #VersaceHouseParty

We invite you to join the fun and view the latest designs from the Pre-Fall 2020 Collection:


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