Versace and Swarovski Tiara for the Vienna Opera Ball 2019

In collaboration with Swarovski, Versace has created a tiara for the debutantes of the Vienna Opera Ball 2019, inspired by Wagner’s ‘The Ring of the Nibelung’.

Wagner’s epic music drama is modelled after ancient Greek dramas, making Versace the natural choice to reimagine the story in a form of a timeless, elegant and delicate tiara. Recreating the scenes of the opera, and specifically the tale of the three water nymphs, the tiara represents the sought-after, precious and priceless Rhinegold.

Drawing inspiration from Wagner’s masterpiece and the imagery of the fable, the design of the tiara reinterprets the scene in which the three Rhinemaidens safeguard the underwater gold. Featuring Versace’s unmistakable design along with the highest quality Swarovski crystals, the tiara is iridescent in tones of blue, gold and white.

The blue, torquoise and silver crystals in the shapes of waves represent the river Rhine, on whose banks the story is set. The elongated gold-tone crystals with silver-tone accents represent the rays of light which are reflected from the water’s surface. The central, prominent, oval crystal in a warm gold hue represents the gold lying on the river bed – the treasure that the nymphs safeguard.

A result of a partnership based on excellence and craftsmanship, ‘The Ring of the Nibelung’ tiara will grace the heads of debutantes at the Vienna Opera Ball on February 28th 2019.

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