The Romanticism of Giorgio Armani and his Gorilla

The Romanticism of Giorgio Armani and his Gorilla

King Giorgio presented the new men’s and women’s collections in digital format, bringing on stage clothes in the colors of the night and an impactful set-up thanks to the presence of a special Gorilla.

Giorgio has decided to present two fashion shows at the same time, with two separate videos for the fall / winter 2021-22 collections.

Looking at the women’s show, I observe that everything is linear, I really liked the tops are short that leave the waist bare.
What about the Men’s show?
Giorgio’s intent was to tell the male fashion concept of a man who, in front of a wardrobe, realizes his ability to make choices (he was Richard Gere in American Gigolò, by Paul Schrader, 1980).

Regarding the show : yes, you got it right, the main actor was a large Gorilla, positioned in the center of the white GA logo projected on the black floor of the theater.
But let’s see what Giorgio himself says on his social networks.

As Giorgio explained in his social media, the protagonist was this large gorilla, positioned at the centre of the white GA logo projected onto the black floor of the theatre.

Wondering wich is the meaning Uri, the Gorilla name, “Uri, a biblical name meaning ‘my flame, my light’, is an eccentric element that contrasts strongly with its domestic surroundings. I decided to put it at the centre of the scene because I think it is essential, now more than ever, to remind people how important it is to protect the natural world. My commitment on this front is great.” Giorgio Armani.

But what does it represent?It is a green reproduction of Uri, the iconic life-size black primate designed by Marcantonio. The sculpture was part of a film set, and now takes pride of place in Mr Armani’s living room.

Why this Gorilla is very symoblic?
Because it embodies the designer’s desire to communicate in a direct, personal and unfiltered way. As well as representing Giorgio Armani’s strong link with cinema, it is a sign of his commitment to the environment and its protection.

The gorilla is also an endangered species, which is why in 2020 the Armani Group donated funds to the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) to support its protection, Giorgio explained.

Giorgio, with this crazy ides, you win, again.

Author: Maria Zota 


The Romanticism of Giorgio Armani and his Gorilla


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