Tatyana Parfionova – The Love For Oranges Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion Film

Tatyana Parfionova

Tatyana Parfionova was born in Ukraine (Poltava) in 1956. When she was eight years old her family moved to Leningrad where she started her studies. In 1977 she graduated Leningrad Institute of Painting named after V.Serov (since 1992 The Saint-Petersburg Art School n. a. Nicholas Roerich). In 1988 she created the project “Theatre of Fashion”.
In 1995 Tatyana Parfionova opened her own Fashion House on Nevsky prospect in St.Petersburg.

Today Tatyana Parfionova is a world known Russian fashion designer, awarded with all of the most important designer awards in Russia and many international awards.

“The mission of the designer is to create an emotion and share it.” (Tatyana Parfionova)

Tatyana Parfionova’s personal preferences and life impressions are always reflected in her collections and works of art – a great love for nature is read in a large variety of colors, flora and fauna, which are depicted and embroidered on the dresses, paintings, pillows and many other pieces produced by TATYANA PARFIONOVA Fashion House.


In 1995, Tatyana Parfionova opened her own Fashion House on Nevsky Prospect that became a world known cultural attraction in Saint-Petersburg.

Every year TATYANA PARFIONOVA Fashion House presents four seasonal collections: TATYANA PARFIONOVA Haute Couture collection and WHITE by Parfionova pret-à-porter collection. In 2011, a new interior brand TATYANA PARFIONOVA Home Design was launched.

TATYANA PARFIONOVA Fashion House has numerous collaborations with Russian State Museums and a long story of exhibitions and partnerships.

Fashion House philosophy

Activities of the Fashion House base on high ethical principles. Collections are created with the caring attitude to animals and environment. Natural furs are never used in the collections of the Fashion House and great attention is paid to finding innovative materials.

Interpretation of traditional costume of different nations is reflected in the collections. Relationship with art and love to nature formed the distinctive style of Tatyana Parfionova.

High quality handcrafted products by makers of the Fashion House go beyond the commonness and are rightly recognized as works of art.


TATYANA PARFIONOVA Haute Couture collection is a reflection of eternal beauty, International cultural heritage and common aesthetic values.

Every collection has its own momentary inspiration that is always expressed through precious fabrics, experimental approach and unique hand-made pieces.

Ethnic or national costumes are often revisited by Tatyana Parfionova and interpreted in contemporary forms.

Nature itself is always the major inspiration for the famous embroideries.


TATYANA PARFIONOVA embroidered scarf or shawl is a signature piece of the Fashion House.

Hand-made reversal satin stitch that is embroidered on cotton, velvet or silk open a wonderful fantastic world. TATYANA PARFIONOVA scarf is a symbol of aristocratic and sophisticated style. Many celebrities keep TATYANA PARFIONOVA embroidered scarves in their private collections.

Some scarves by Tatyana Parfionova are kept in the funds of the Russian Museum.

Tatyana Parfionova is the only fashion designer who has the official permission to quote the masterpieces from the State Hermitage in her haute couture collections.


“Every girl should have such a dress that would make her look like an Angel on her Wedding Day. So her husband will always see something Devine in her for the rest of their life!” (Tatyana Parfionova)

TATYANA PARFIONOVA Fashion House is famous for creating unique wedding concepts. Not only exclusive wedding dresses and accessories but the whole style of the wedding ceremony can be realized on special request.

Only the best quality fabrics and lace from Europe and handmade embroidery are used for the dresses. In the process of creating a perfect look for such a meaningful day not only is considered the bride’s appearance but also the place of the wedding ceremony, lightning and other nuances.


This one of a kind collection consists of precious pieces with famous embroideries that are accustomed to the Haute Couture collections of TATYANA PARFIONOVA. The collections for kids reflect a tenderness of young age and beauty of nature.

These unique pieces can be a precious family treasure for generations to come and not only a luxurious outfit for a special occasion that complements the chic wardrobe styles of the parents.

WHITE by Parfionova

WHITE by Parfionova is a new line of comfortable pret-à-porter created as casual wear for any occasion.

Fantasy, momentary whim and prints by Tatyana Parfionova come together following the rhythm of life.

WHITE by Parfionova is a story of simple and hearfelt delight. It gives a warm sense of comfort and a pleasure of touch, making you feel at home wherever you are.

WHITE by Parfionova creates tomorrow’s trends that can become the new classics.


Tatyana Parfionova Home Design is an interior brand that offers high quality furniture, textile and porcelain collections. Home Design is a natural evolution of Tatyana Parfionova Fashion House creativity. Only natural fabrics such as silk, wool, cashmere and linen are used for furniture, pillows and all other creations.

Embroidered elements from famous Tatyana Parfionova couture collections add a warm touch of decorative detail, a distinct signature of the style of Tatyana Parfionova. Paintings by Tatyana Parfionova are part of the collection and its inspiration.

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Tatyana Parfionova – The Love For Oranges Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion Film


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