Sabrina Persechino Spring Summer Collection 2015

Sabrina Persechino for the spring summer collection 2015 guardando all’Expo, as a universal event and cultural meeting, sets the design of a collection of three famous pavilions: il Crystal Palace, the Eiffel Tower, Palace Italy.

Here catwalk clothes pink water lily and chartreuse, with position raises silk whose transparency is interrupted by printing opaque. The forged iron built in the shape of a cross (base that supports the Eiffel Tower) is reinterpreted in leather outfit, specially lasered rhombus lattice and applied in chiffon. Reproduce the sparkle of sequins 20.000 bulbs that illuminate the tower.

The “skin” branched designed by Studio Nemesis, as the outer shell of the Palace Italy, evokes the intertwining random branches that Sabrina is inspired by the bodices and jackets in silk Mikado. Packages are wrapped by thin strips of leather inlaid.

Sabrina Persechino Spring Summer Collection 2015


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