Sabrina Persechino Fall/Winter Collection 2016-2017

Sabrina Persechino choose an incredible Location for the Autumn-Winter MonoTona Collection 2016/2017 : I am talking about The Church Palace Hotel, in Rome.
The recent Hotel renovation by the fabulous architect Sabrina Persechino, was stunning thanks to the collaboration with the Palace owner, Mr. Pietro Di Pierri. The project involved black and white interiors and amazing gray walls. Colors that reach the top in “Nero Terrace Restaurant”.

MonoTona means “that has an uniform tone”.
In Mathematics, a monotonic function is a function that keeps the order between ordered sets. In Analysis you often find increasing and decreasing monotonic functions. Therefore MonoTona Collection is metaphor of a mathematics set where the base of clothes is always black .
Sabrina Persechino creates a Fashion Collection that represents a growing monotonic function with color mixtures from white to gray and finally black.

MonoTona Style is characterized by simple and essential lines, with regular and monolithic volumes, following the minimalist architecture trend. A style where Mies van der Rohe quote “Less is more” becomes a must .
In other words : the essence is the quality.

Pereschino Minimalistic Research wants to create several contemplative spaces where the architecture follows honesty and structural integrity concepts.
MonoTona Research studies architectural details, perfectly resulting in Pereschino dresses that are sophisticated, formal, elegant, balanced and neat.
While some outfits are straight, others are meticulous.

The simplicity is not just an aesthetic concept, but it is also something you can feel: cashmere, faille, tasmanie and leather give you a wonderful tactile sensation.
The minimalist architecture cleary referring to Japanese culture, in fact, sequined clothes reminds Oriental kimono sleeves.

The dialogue between the architectural structures and the surrounding nature is similar to a dicotomy between white color and silvery shades.
The non-color is used in anti-decorative way, like an exploitative element for clothing volumes and surfaces.

I can definitly say that the monochrome concept fully expresses the minimalist style of Autumn-Winter MonoTona Collection 2016/2017.
By Vanessa Barrui

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