Roberto Cavalli Spring Summer 2017 Campaign

The pleasure of voluptuous, unconventional luxury; the cult of an open and sensual beauty; the dream of boundless liberty, of adventure and romanticism: created and directed by the in-house communication team, the Spring Summer 2017 advertising campaign is a hymn to the purest essence of the Cavalli aesthetics.

Portrayed by the Italian brothers Luca and Alessandro Morelli, two of the most promising young talents of contemporary fashion photography, models Stella Maxwell and Jordan Barret become the interpreters of a sumptuous, eccentric, colourful wardrobe mixing influences and inspirtations in a journey to the discovery of the Cavalli world.

The main components of the House’s signature style surface in the images in their whole refinement, blended and reassembled in an elegant, complex mosaic of contrasts. Noble fabrics, denim and leather are worn together in a kaleidoscope of textures and sophisticated finishings, opulent and delicate at the same time.

Unveiled through alluring lace or caressed by impalpable veils, her silhouette is slender and sinuous. At her side, a romantic nonchalant dandy courts, completes her in a free, instinctive affinity. Together, amongst the dunes of a desert that knows neither time nor limits, they are the most authentic embodiment of the confident and luxurious charm that has made Roberto Cavalli one of the most iconic fashion brands of our time.

Photographers: Morelli Brothers
Stylist: Marina Gallo
Models: Stella Maxwell and Jordan Barret

Roberto Cavalli Spring Summer 2017 Campaign


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