Rani Zakhem Spring/Summer 2015

The Spring Summer 2015 is a real journey of the designer in his remotest childhood : from birth to 10 years living in Kenya and receives strong stimulations that only a harsh and fascinating continent like Africa can give. In Nairobi and Mombasa, passing through the Serengeti, where he spent his happiest moments, receives the suggestions that childrens remember longer: the light and colors, outside of the filters and prejudices that sometimes pollute adulthood.

The tale of Bouganville

The floral theme recurs throughout the collection. For Zakhem, Kenya is mainly the place of the bright colors of lush cascades, of flowers, of Bouganville that decorated the white stucco walls of the house of his youth. These pleasant memories are represented in fine Chantilly lace raspberry, which revives the feast of beauty and color of his childhood. The designers and embroiders the plasma up to create an outfit reminiscent of a flowering branch, slender and feminine. The applications, which reach from the neckline hem, moving read as moved by the warm wind of africa, decorating the outfit in its entire length, as well as the Bouganville decorate the walls to the ground. The color palette is inspired by the variety of Bouganville flowers : from purple to coral, to red and fuchsia.
Dresses from architectural rigor that are sweetened by a halo of light created by a pink veil.

The moods of the sea

The holidays in Mombasa, on the coast of the Indian Ocean, fell in the spring, the winter in Africa. And in his look of child remain imprinted forever in the deep shades of the immense vaulted turquoise sea, sometimes made black by the fury of the elements. And this intensity, this disturbance is acting within sublimated evening gowns in lace dark blue that simulates the movements of ocean waves.

The bride

The wedding dress is mandatory white as the snows of Kilimanjaro and processed as decorations wooden cabinet makers of Kenyans. It’s a dress bustier embroidered transparent crystals that widens into a triumph of crinoline and trawling majestic.
A collection is bright and colorful, a cosmopolitan designer who loves the black continent with the same intensity of a Hemingway and a Karen Blixen, and expressing his nostalgia for Africa in this tribute to the continent of his childhood.

Hairstyle: CIUTI & CIUTI per L’Oréal Professionnel
Make up: Studio 13 Make Up
Director: Stefano Scioscia per Dardo Eventi
Press Office – Barbara Manto & Partners

Rani Zakhem Spring/Summer 2015


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