PVH Denim Center

At our PVH Denim Center in Amsterdam, product is king. With innovation and sustainability at its core, this innovation hub is a physical space for our talented denim experts to design, collaborate, research and develop our denim collections. And as a result of the cutting-edge technology we have access to through the PVH Denim Center, we’re excited to announce the launch of TOMMY JEANS’ 100% recycled cotton denim styles for Spring 2019. Watch our video featuring Donwan Harrel, Creative Director, Art Meets Chaos & Denim Obsessive, to get an inside look into our incredible PVH Denim Center. And to learn more about the PVH Denim Center and our 100% recycled cotton denim styles, click here (lhttps://lnkd.in/gjDGt6D)

Category: Slider, Style


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