Prada Spring/Summer 2017 Women’s Show

fragments of the short film Past Foward by David O.Russell become the perfect setting for this Prada Spring-Summer 17 collection that declares the end of the story telling, the obsessive search into the past to focus on today, the human and the person. “The collection is very simple made of garments of a modern elegance based on today”, says the designer a few minutes before the beginning of the show. An elegance that Miuccia herself defines “wrong” because of the contrasts, opposites and unusual pieces, like the swimsuit worn with a turtleneck jumper or a bon-ton skirt  interrupted by feathers, and then the pyjamas suits  with marabou trimmings or the dress cinched at the waist by technical velcro. A collection that explores the deepest inner self, searching for a comforting simplicity, giving life to a bourgeois wardrobe rich in  an unconventional elegance that subverts and  dictate new fashion rules, here and now


black, grey, camel, pink, nude, yellow, orange, light blue

cotton, wool, jersey, nylon, crystals, velcro, feathers, mink and silk

mini skirts and crop tops alternate with wide pyjama trousers, dresses cinched by belts with pleated skirts with feathers

flat shoes alternate with tartan Mary-Jane shoes,  plastic mules and sandals. Colourful bowling bags or big boxy clutches

By Massimiliano Sortino

Prada Spring/Summer 2017 Women’s Show


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