Master Elisabetta Franchi Fall/Winter 2018-19

Seventies fashion marked a period full of great revolutions; those were years when women screamed out loud their power through their protests, miniskirts and rebellions.
When strength and determination are expressed in a laugh, the woman symbolizing this collection is defined. A femininity emphasized by spontaneity, sagacity and irony, able to be herself, perfectly aware that humor is her real power, with the head held high in a world of men.
Monica Vitti is the one who embodies the spirit of this collection. She is a mix of charisma, charm and a sharp mind, able to inspire a sense of lightness through her words while revealing at the same time the great depth of her spirit. Rich of a beauty that is not enough to describe her, for this collection Elisabetta Franchi chooses this muse as main protagonist, modern symbol of authenticity as the only way to the self-expression.
An intense and varied color palette is the strong point of the collection: an explosion of rich colors creates strong combinations on garments and accessories. The full consistency of the gianduja chocolate shade dominates the accessories with its Seventies style, while the soft whiteness of the candy floss hue is mixed with more intense tones such as must, petroleum and peacock, pouring on the lengths of dresses and trousers. The playful ochre shades are interchanged with vivid raspberry tones, the bows on collars get sculptural volumes, tweed is combined with naplak in a modern mix-and-match and the colorful resin accessories become irreverent protagonists that decorate bags, shoes and bijoux.
Garish and eye-catching, the geometrical twists on the multi-color prints become lozenges and diagonal lines giving optical movements to the flowing fabrics. The oversize coats are placed on sparkling shirts while light chemisiers reveal at every step the high cuissard boots, shiny like the plastic belts outlining glamorous silhouettes. A mix of colors, styles and accessories to dress the energy of the new Seventies woman designed by Elisabetta Franchi.
The iconic pieces of the collection will appear on the catwalk reinterpreted in a petite version, to be included in the ELISABETTA FRANCHI FW18 season “La mia Bambina”.

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Master Elisabetta Franchi Fall/Winter 2018-19


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