Maison Christin Dior – Mathilde Favier

Mathilde Favier
Public Relations Director in charge of celebrities worldwide for Christian Dior Couture, Mathilde Favier grew up surrounded by the great names of the fashion milieu. Warm and radiant, she has built up one of the most impressive address books in Paris and has numerous famous friends. She herself is a genuine lesson in style, and her look is a manifesto for the famous “Parisian chic.”

The personification of French elegance, Mathilde Favier reveals the refined interior of her Paris apartment and her subtle olfactive memories. Tuberose, violet, and powdery scents are precisely recalled. A warm and gracious portrait reveals a fashion woman who proclaims her loyalty to her scent.

Mathilde Favier chose “Belle de Jour” perfume

Maison Christin Dior – Mathilde Favier


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