Les Hommes Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Show

It was like their minimalist, metropolitan style stuck its finger in a socket and was struck by a short jolt of electric shock.

For their spring summer 2015 collection, designers Tom Notte and Bart Vandebosch pimped up their dark urban knight with splashes of yellow, metallic strokes, and tech tailoring.

Silk yarn in a multitude of silver and grey tones was blended with cotton and melded onto sweatshirts, while stiff leather t-shirts with embossed geometric shapes, and iridescent blue laminated shirts took the collection to a new futuristic dimension.

Dark suits with ribbon-thin cuffed, tapered slacks and slim-blazers were all adorned with curious metal calla lily brooches on the lapel, hinting that the Les Hommes city boy has a sensitive side.

“Last season we experimented with a metallic tie-knot. We wanted to continue that, but this time we wanted to add a little romantic identity into the collection,” Vandebosch told Now Fashion backstage.

Neoprene bomber jackets and oversized parkas and trench coats offered the crowd a sign that Les Hommes aimed to expand its selection of sports wear.

“We wanted there to be a merger between sportswear and classic elegance and take it a step further,” Notte told Now Fashion, adding that the design duo worked hard on enhancing the technical aspects of the collection with innovative bonding techniques for a streamlined effect.

Les Hommes Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Show


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