Kristian Schmidt Interview/ TV Fashion Style LA California 11/03/2019 by Sarah Duque Lovisoni

Kristian Schmidt Interview / Tv Fashion Style LA California 11/03/2019

Kristian is an incredible young man. His passion for animals and his sophisticated manner enraptures any person who is around him. I had the pleasure of enjoying an oscar`s after party for Wildworld inc., and talked with him more about his incredible work as an artist, photographer and activist. He has worked very closely with one of the top animal charities in the world: Wildaid

How is a passion for photography born?

At young age I was working as director in NYC. At a certain moment my passion for photography led me to create work with models and animals in Africa (Cape Town). I realized that this kind of job was less complicated than it was to be a director and was better paying. At this point, before I knew it, work had started to grow and that was the beginning of this incredible adventure.

Orginally where are you from?

I was born in NYC, but I grew up in Paris. My parents are from Sweden. I feel very japanese though since I have been living there for so long.

How did this idea of involving people with wild animals start?

It started naturally, when I introduced animals with a human being the result was impressive, real, and when you look at the picture you can understand the synergy between humans and the wild. It seems to also sell better than just a pictura of an animal itself. The first shoot we did was simple and timeless of a girl with a baby lion in some dunes in the desert.

Which is the favorite place you’ve visited?

I send a lot of my time in Tokyo which gives me stability because people are very real. Also, in Cape Town is where i feel the connection with nature. With residing in both places i found my own balance as an artist and a human being.

What was the most difficult situation in the set when taking these animals with people? How do you create this interaction of the human species Econ wild animals?

I usually have a set shot in my head I want to catch and I never get it, it`s always something else that happens but it turns out as good. So nowadays I just have a direction I want to go and I just let it happen, we let animals do their thing and just work around it. I always hired really professional people, so we have luckily never ecountered any dangerous situation on set, even if sometimes it could get very difficult.

Where did you the passion for wildlife come from?

Wildlife keeps me balanced, the common sense, awareness of nature and respect animals have always taught me something and brings me back to how things should be.

How was the shark series of photographs made possible? Where was it made?

I was diving with Whalesharks in Mexico with Wildaid which is the Charity me and Richard Branson work with. I thought it was one of the most surreal experiences, their size and grace were amazing.Images in my head came right away about how to catch their synergy with a human being. We were recommended a place in the Philippines where the whale sharks were quite common and the water would be much calmer to shoot in. I put together a brilliant team that made the shoot seamless and was an adventure to remember.

Tell me more about the WILDAID organization and the event that took place in the after-Oscar party?

Wildaid is the most efficient Wildlife Charity I have ever encountered , they go right to the point and have done incredible things in the past years . WildAid’s high-impact media campaigns feature some of the most influential voices in the world advocating for wildlife conservation on a massive scale thanks to nearly $300 million worth of donated media placement each year. Our video, print and online campaigns have measurably increased awareness about poaching, and prompted changes in attitudes and behavior. As a result, there have been significant drops in prices and consumption of endangered species products, such as ivory, rhino horn and shark fin. We have worked with Prince William, Beckham , Yao Ming, Jacky Chan , Lupita Nyongo among many others to accomplish these PSA’s and campaigns .

I saw that you are very close to Richard Branson, What do you think of Richard Branson and his participation in Venezuela Aid last February 22nd This Year?

I met him for the first time in India. He is a wonderfully pure man that realizes that the more we give and help out the more we will get back , which is a business model that everyone should go by .

Tell me more about the campaign to protect Rhinos and the direct collaboration with Prince William and David Beckam?

It was amazing, all smiles and incredible minds coming together. I was so impressed by how caring and companionate they are, they really are making a remarkable change.

What is your next project?

I`m currently collaborating with a japanese company called Teamlab who specialize in interactive projections. So all the animals will move from print to print in my exhibit, follow you through the gallery and will let you experiene the wild like I have. I’m hosting a travel show at the moment called Wildworld about all my shoots which is a lot of fun. You can see all the chaos behind the scenes and how the shoots are made


Author: Sarah Duque Lovisoni

NTA Talent Agency



Snapchat: Sduquelovisoni


Kristian Schmidt Interview/ TV Fashion Style LA California 11/03/2019 by Sarah Duque Lovisoni


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