Kilian Kerner Moodfilm Fall/Winter 2015/2016

Kilian Kerner, who was born and raised in Cologne in 1979, studied from 2000 to 2003 in Cologne and Berlin until he founded the Kilian Kerner brand in 2004. Meanwhile, the designer has working on his 20th collection and has been a permanent group of German fashion scene. With the growing success of recent years, Kilian Kerner developed its brand successively.

The core of the brand Kilian Kerner ranges from progressive urban looks to glamorous luxury – always expressive and tangible interwoven with sounds and spirit of the music and film scene.

The women’s collection consists of feminine styles with a particular focus on quality fabrics and raffinate staging of personality.

In the men’s area, the brand is rebellious, strong character, sophisticated and confident. This collection combines traditional tailoring with trendsetting style elements as well as attracting opposites and turns to cosmopolitan individuals with the highest standards.

Kilian Kerner Moodfilm Fall/Winter 2015/2016


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