Happy Diamonds 2018 : Little Diamonds do Great Things

A touching contemporary dance in a beautiful natural setting. The upward flight of Happy Diamonds, imbued with a sense of poetry and femininity, reflects the inspirational personality of Arizona Muse who plays the leading role.

To begin with, a sense of joyful momentum floats through the air, as the Happy Diamonds are gradually released. The precious stones whirl around the women, following their every move and twirling in an ever giddier dance. Their graceful motion, matched by an affectionate and companionable attitude echo each other as the tempo accelerates. As is performing an exquisite ballet, their smiles cross paths and the pace of the shots picks up, creating a butterfly-effect spirit of happiness rising to the final crescendo: “Little diamonds do great things.”

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Happy Diamonds 2018 : Little Diamonds do Great Things


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