Gucci Stories: The Myth of Orpheus and Eurydice

Gucci’s latest film tells the heart-breaking story of Orpheus, played by model and photographer Marcel Castenmiller, who travels to the underworld, or a New York nightclub in the contemporary version, to save Eurydice, played by French singer/songwriter Lou Doillon, daughter of Jane Birkin. The catch: Orpheus cannot look at Eurydice as they travel to the upper world, aka New York City streets, or she will be lost forever.

Laura Love stars as Aristaeus and Rocco di Gregorio as Hades. Other notable cameos include; Tracey Antonopoulos and Julia Fleming. The music is orchestrated by Dev Hynes and styling by Arianne Phillips.

Combining the use of film narrative and fashion, Gia Coppola (Niece of the infamous Sophia Coppola who directed Virgin Suicides) uses her flare for gritty filmmaking to beautifully tell the story of Orpheus and Eurydice, which is split across four parts, whilst also showcasing Gucci’s pre-fall collection designed by Alessandro Michele.

The film comprises of no dialogue, except for Gregorio, to allow Alessandro’s latest collection to take center stage. The collection, which features rich textures, embroidery and prints, adds an ethereal aesthetic, contrasting against the urbanity of New York to present a dreamy quality.

Director Gia Coppola is the daughter of Film Costume Designer, Jacqui Getty. She first came to prominence in 2013 when she directed Palo Alto, a film based on the book of the same name by actor James Franco.

Gucci Stories: The Myth of Orpheus and Eurydice


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