Giorgio Armani – Spring/Summer 2017 Menswear Collection

The soul of the Giorgio Armani man opens to change, while still staying true to himself. The journey, interior or of style, starts with fabric: the substance, so much more true and tactile in a world that seems to favor the mere appearance of things. The silhouette, light and unstructured, is born from a skilled editing of aesthetics and tailoring, creating an image that is sharp and never forced. Thus are born suits with a relaxed allure, wide pants and tops that show the male silhouette off to greatest advantage. The fabrics are treated until they seem lived-in, details and designs connect contemporary geometries and ornamental graphics with a vaguely Caribbean flavor. The codes of the Armani language, steady and recognizable, continue to evolve in an endlessly surprising meeting of north and south, between exotic and metropolitan, that transmits a thoroughly multicultural feeling

tan, warm gray, dove gray, Pompeian red, blue, black, beige, white

silk, linen, jersey, silk blend knit, cool wool, leather, cotton fleece, poplin, nappa leather, cotton drill

weekend bags, fringe sneakers, wide-brimmed hat, tasseled loafers, shoulder bags, round sunglasses, leather belts, lace-up shoes, cloth backpacks

Simone Monguzzi

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