Giada Curti Women’s Couture Collection Spring/Summer 2016

La Divina Marchesa

Friday 29th January at 7 pm
The St. Regis Rome

“We need to live our lives as if we were making a piece of art. The life of a man of intellect must be his own artwork. Real superiority lies all there”. Gabriele D’annunzio

Tall, thin, pale skin against heavy makeup, Marquise Luisa Casati spent her entire life trying to turn herself into a piece of art through her eccentric lifestyle and high impact look.

The city of Venice and the Art Dèco streamline fired up some sort of magic inside her soul. She was the inspiring Muse behind Boldini and one of D’annunzio’s many lovers who defined her “Corè”, queen of hell, as she perfectly embodied a virtuous muddle of odness, occultism and magic. Her tall and masculine figure celebrated the creations made for her by Paul Poiret, Ertè and Mariano Fortuny, giving us an eccentric, provocatory image, that takes to the exreme the rules of a dying fashion out of which newness and originality had raised.

Giada Curti’s “Woman” spring/summer 2016 collection comes into life inspired by the futuristic ferment that iconic “Divina Marchesa” had triggered with her life.

A dark lady with an eternal allure, black, golden striped eyes, and a feline gaze made even more vibrant and huge by wise belladonna eye drops applications. An extraordinary woman whose vibrant and unique style is still a precious source of inspiration.

This collection features veiled and impalpable transparencies and unusual overlays of elaborated fabrics like unexpected “rebrode” laces on satin nightgowns.

Intriguing and sensual, especially when paired with ethereal white, the use of black results into a carefully sought-after simplicity. Grogré knots and silk lanyards surround the neck, while veiled ponchos alternated with emerald green details, cover pale, angel-like skin. Fine lace ballerinas give the silhouette an aristocratic posture.

The collection represents a love letter written on impalpable silk sheets.

The show is perfectly closed by a Boldinian bride with all her poetic allure.

Roma – Pontecorvo – Dubai
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Giada Curti Women’s Couture Collection Spring/Summer 2016 4K Video


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