Giada Curti Haute Couture Women’s Runway Spring/Summer 2015

Ieri, oggi, domani

January 30th 2015, 12 noon
The St. Regis, Rome

On January 30th Giada Curti will present her latest spring summer 2015 collection “Sophia. Yesterday, today, tomorrow” and in this occasion the designer will also celebrate the remarkable achievement of 10 consecutive attendances to the prestigious AltaRoma Official Calendar.

Giada Curti decided to honour such a significant goal by welcoming her guests with an exhibition of the nine gowns that she believes to be the most representative of her journey. Doubtless a special moment in both her professional and private life, as Giada is expecting her fourth child.

The inspiration for this collection came from Sophia Loren’s Oscar Winner movie “Yesterday, today, tomorrow”, especially Sophia’s timeless striptease for Marcello Mastroianni. Twentynine years later, in 1994, the scene has been rearranged in Robert Altman’s “Prêt-à-porter”: same actors but different result. Marcello falls aslpeep in front of a more than ever charming Sophia.

“Sophia. Yesterday, today, tomorrow” collection brings its audience back to Sixties: years of the economic boom and roman Dolce Vita, when the most prominent figures fom Hollywood were seen strolling along river Tevere and our Sophia Loren was the undisputed protagonist.

Giada Curti Haute Couture Women’s Runway Spring/Summer 2015


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