GENNY | Fall/Winter 2019-20 Fashion Show

A snow queen, feminine and delicate yet strong and
determined. She crosses an enchanted forest where the
sunlight hits the snow creating charming reflections.
The almost mystic silence of this magic, fascinating
environment is only interrupted by the sound of nature.
This fairy landscape serves as background of the Genny
Fall/Winter 2019 collection.
Following the suggestion of this solitary journey, the
brand’s creative director Sara Cavazza Facchini imagines
the special and poetic wardrobe of this woman showing
a romantic spirit.
To face the cold temperatures, materials are warm and
shapes are cocooning. The wrapping coats embellished
with cape-inspired details and the midi dresses are
crafted from a slightly padded white fabric with a mat
finishing, recalling the purity of frozen surfaces.
Echoing melting ice, the brand’s signature seductive
femininity translates into a fluid and lightweight flared
dresses, which put the focus on the waist. Their
precious sophistication is highlighted by the refined
embroideries crafted from metallic mesh and enriched
with Swarovski crystals.
The sparkle of a starred sky breaks the rigor of
the tuxedo, which is revamped with the new cape
jackets paired with slim pants exalting the verticality
of the silhouette, framed by the luxurious crystal
A tribute to women’s sensuality, the new smoking
shows wide jacquard pants matched with a bustier vest
featuring an intricate construction of silk duchesse
Designed to be wrapped around the body, the cozy coats
are crafted from hyper soft double-faced cashmere and
the maxi silk velvet bomber jackets are worn to exalt
the feminine timeless beauty. The fil coupe skirts sport
silhouettes inspired by Scottish kilts.
Loyal companion of this snow queen, the white panther
is embroidered on an oversized coat, suits, and maxi
Completing the collection, kidassia fur gives a soft,
warm touch to bags and patent leather mules, while the
leather boots with a sock-like effect are punctuated by
sparkling Swarovski crystals.


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