Emporio Armani FW 19-20 Women’s Show Video

Freestyle: the freedom to dress as one chooses, without following pre-set schemes, having fun, using clothes and accessories as a means of personal expression. A vital, liberating energy runs through the collection, imagined as a repertoire of possibilities that every woman can interpret as she likes and feels.

Opposites harmonise in unexpected and individual combinations. The starting point is proportions: oversized outerwear combined with feminine dresses and latex-effect leggings; small, tailored jackets paired with ample, soft trousers.

Freestyle is an interplay of colours, with ginger enhanced by red and brightened with ivory on a graphic base of black and white.

Finally, the collection expounds the theory of how accessories personalise the look: pointed shoes with a geometric heel, soft boots, ultra-high evening sock boots, belts with a metal eagle-logo and small and soft bags echoing the graphic prints of the dresses.

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