Elisabetta Franchi Fall/Winter 2017-2018 Fashion Show

Confident and determined, the FW17 Elisabetta Franchi woman walks on dizzying stilettos to the rhythm of an Argentine beat through the streets of a bustling Paris at the end of 1940s.
The inspiration is the charisma of Evita Perón, style icon and symbol of independence, capable of attracting the crowds with her amazing power.
Fashion was just starting to make inroads among smoky locales and bistros, where different cultures and styles mingled to create exotic and mysterious atmospheres. The Elisabetta Franchi woman, aware and emancipated, travels and enriches her style with precious details.

The collection consists of a mix & match of masculine and super feminine lines, playing with different print combinations. Pinstripe is at the centre of attention on jackets and trousers with a masculine cut that fall fluid on the legs, defining the waist, juxtaposed with the intriguing oriental decorations of the time. Floral ramage and herons stand out on garments and accessories that, embellished with embroideries full of light, express the allure of the Elisabetta Franchi woman. Super tight skirts stretch to below the knee and highlight the underlying shape.
A woman who expresses her femininity wearing long dresses illuminated by sequins, flowing blouses with wide sleeves and maxi faux fur coat.

A gaze concealed by elegant hats; gloves and jewels with a retro taste represent the leitmotiv of the season.
Faux fur stoles in pastel colours are decorated with flashy jewellery appliqués or bows; high-platform shoes are made with velvet, suede and satin. Chic handbags in bright hues, strictly micro, give the EF woman an extra touch of charm.

The collection plays with contrasts and strong colour combinations in a blend of patterns and hues. Prime colours include delicate oat, vanilla, antique pink and jade combined with mysterious and sensual black, with a touch of smoky blue.
To mark the launch of the new line “EF La mia Bambina”, the iconic pieces of the collection will be modelled on the catwalk in petite versions.

Elisabetta Franchi Fall/Winter 2017-2018 Fashion Show


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