Dreamlux – When Fashion Meets Art by Sarah Duque Lovisoni

Dreamlux – When Fashion Meets Art

Dreamlux is the unique fashion collection of elegant luminous dresses.

A collection born from a deep research in the design and a surprising technology.

Through this simple but very sophisticated technology, the surface of these accessories result as a slow luminous flow that gives a unique character to the collection.

The first Dreamlux Collection takes inspiration from soft and elegant lines, an essential and clean aesthetic, ready to welcome all the incredible brightness of the leds.

The design catches again the iconic evening dresses, on which we can appreciate the surfaces with motives and sophisticated and elegant architectures.

The volumes are, from time to time, redefined and enhanced by sophisticated lighting effects, used by the intertwining of traditional fibers and optical fibers that, through a LED technology, are able to give light to illuminate the whole pattern.

Each DreamLux piece has been finely studied in the choice of the model and the luminous motifs that define its character.

The main colors of this first collection are black and white, which give rigor and timeless elegance to the clothes, delicately balancing the luminous exuberance of the garments.

The bright veins are instead entrusted to white lights or otherwise gold that create sophisticated effects.

A dress of great class, although in its elegant sobriety, manages to release charismatic suggestions.

The packaging of the products is entrusted to the zeal and rigorous manufacturing, Made in Italy, of experts sewer and tailors that use just the best raw materials. www.dreamlux.it

Author: Sarah Duque Lovisoni

NTA Talent Agency


Instagram: http://instagram.com/about_love_sarah

Snapchat: Sduquelovisoni

Youtube: goo.gl/gfYM3g

Dreamlux – When Fashion Meets Art by Sarah Duque Lovisoni


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