Dolce&Gabbana Summer 2017 Women’s Fashion Show

The starting point is no longer the outfit itself. It’s the desire to tell our story, reveal an emotion, a way of life.
In this way, people no longer purchase a piece of clothing but a memory, a love, a special moment, a DNA.
Our DNA is the South and all the symbols that represent it: flowers, pasta, bread, good luck charms, shells,
fish, religious symbols, music, ice cream, drinks, dolls, biscuits, forks, spoons, pizza and Mandolin.
All of this is love, is #DGFamily. #DGTropicoItaliano

THE clue was in the silk scarf wrapping the invitation – Tropico Italiano, depicting the Italian islands of Ischia, Pantelleria, Capri and, of course, Sicily. Island life Italian style. This was going to be fun; this was going to be like an August Saturday night at the local fiesta.

As the established Italian brands negotiate the maze of a new retail and digital universe with changing timelines and fluctuating loyalties, Stefano Gabanna and Domenico Dolce remained faithful to their love affair with the symbols of Italian good living that they have mined over recent years. This season they had placed a dozen young names who they picked as millennial influencers to sit amongst the usual press and buyers. Lionel Ritchie’s daughter, Sofia; Jude Law’s boy, Rafferty; and Cameron Dallas – with his 15.6 million Instagram followers – were dressed in the brand’s clothes and instantly took a decade off the traditional image. Their painted leathers, T-shirts and cowboy boots gave an insight into the breadth of the Dolce offering.

Then, as the lights went down, the catwalk was flooded with rivers of dancing boys and girls looking just as they would at any Italian seaside disco in their own array of cropped tops, patterned shirts, chinos and shorts. The exuberant display kicked off the catwalk collection which followed in a similarly festive and joyful vein. Heavily embellished matador jackets were paired with denim cut-offs, as were loose coats of giant multicoloured metallic paillettes. More dainty dress came in the form of mid-calf, chiffon afternoon and cocktail frocks decorated with an array of Italian iconography, a sheaf of spaghetti or a shelf of Murano glass. Everything Italian was up for grabs to be turned into prints here – even the thick Italian crochet of traditional Italian linen stores.

In this fast moving show the fringed heels of the shoes swung and even the headdresses were illuminated like a town for a night of festivities. Of course, there was the classic fitted black lace too that is so beloved by the Dolce clientele and no doubt there will be the immaculate tailoring on sale that they are renowned for also. But it was the huge display of fun, fanfare and youth that was the point of today’s display, in a show that was so absorbing that most of the millennial guests sitting opposite me were so busy watching they forgot to take out their smartphones.

Dolce&Gabbana Summer 2017 Women’s Fashion Show


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