Chanel 2017/2018 Cruise Show

For the 2018 Chanel Cruise collection shown in the Grand Palais in Paris, Karl Lagerfeld took his guests on a Greek odyssey. Delving into Ancient Greece, or rather a fantasy version, idealized and imaginary, he said  “I’m expressing through fashion a fascination I’ve had since childhood. The first book I read was Homer”. Iinspired by the nymphs, goddesses and women of times gone by, he unveiled his made-to-measure homage to antiquity: “There have never been more beautiful representations of women. Or more beautiful columns. The entire Renaissance, in fact, was based on Antiquity. It is really about the youth of the world in all its power and unpredictability – just like the unforgiving gods..” The runway was a celebration of fabrics and unrestricted fluidity with tweed, jersey, silk, linen, lace and crepe that took on classical forms of antiquity, from columns and laurels, to vases and ancestral frescoes. Naturally, it was all designed in the classically Chanel way, channeling the beautiful elegance and incomparable expertise for which the house is famed. With a dose of spirit and humanity, the light and sunny collection in warm hues of ochre was deliciously designed with Midas touches of gold, inspiring thoughts of distant lands. Quite simply,  this joyous journey of design revealed treasures perfect for travelling from the city to the chicest and most refined resorts, whether in Greece or beyond.

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Full film of the CHANEL Cruise 2017/18 fashion show that took place on May 3rd, 2017 in Paris.

Artist: Alex Menzies
Title: Greek Mode
Courtesy of Alex Menzies

Artist: Lena Platonos
Title: Bloody Shadow From Afar
Title: Witches
Courtesy of Dark Entries / Seed Point

Artist: Lo Kindre
Title: Torment Of One
Courtesy of Optimo Music

Artist: Golden Filter
Title: Dust (extended mix)
Courtesy of Optimo Music

Artist: Naum Gabo
Title: Popova
Courtesy of Naum Gabo


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