Conte of Florence – Spot 2015

Conte of Florence made its debut in 1952, when a small clothing shop with the name Con.T.E. (Confezione Tessuti Esclusivi – Exclusive Fabrics Tailoring) was opened at No. 2R Via Por Santa Maria, a stone’s throw from the Ponte Vecchio in the heart of Florence. Initially the shop offered only ladies’ clothing made exclusively by hand by some of the city’s best-known dressmakers.

Those were the years when the creativity and skilled use of materials that would be lay the foundations for “Made in Italy” flourished in Florence.

When its increasing success and approval of its customers saw the business expand as the years passed, the name CON.T.E. was changed to Conte of Florence – a name which combined elegance and a title with sportsmanship and the British roots of sport. The shop made way for the company and an inexorable flow of ideas began that would determine the brand’s success in the years to come. The first among many was the creation of a straw bag, the Tuscan brand’s first foray into the fashion industry, but also the first fruit of inspiration drawn from an Anglo-Florentine sport par excellence – canoeing.

The design immediately met the approval of the public and become the company’s first true success.

Conte of Florence – Spot 2015


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