Cividini Celebrates the 30th Anniversary for it’s A/W 2019-2020 Collection

Françoise Hardy is the Muse.

One of the reasons why I really love Cividini, is that Cividini Collection always meet the needs of an ideal woman: who is modern, cultured, independent of trends, strong and satisfied with her live.

The slim figure of Françoise Hardy, the muse of Cividini, for its 30th anniversary Collection is masculina in the image but extremely seductive.

She is an icon of the sixties, independent with a great personality, able to give a special allure to any look.

The wonderful song “Tous les garcons et les filles – by Francoise Hardy” was the perfect song, for this Collection.

The moodboard starts with masculine fabrics like Prince of Wales, flannels, cloths and pied-de-poule to create an idea of ​​intimist femininity.

Cividini show the femininity through unique jackets or paired with lamé fur knit cardigans.

Fluid tops, pleated skirts, tailored coats alternated with soft trenches in silk velvet dressing gowns, trousers with side flanks crossed by slits stuck by bartacks. The big-point shirt, becomes fluid trousers or a slip-dress dress, long, very low-cut front and back, with contrasting straps.

Cividini Collection has an animalier Impact, for tailored suits and long vest in fine wool fabric, seamless with shopping bags.

I can definitely say Cividini is always symble of Style, and I really appreciate the two artisans making the clothes by hand, in a live show during the Fashion Show. This event also gave me the opportunity to meet the President of CNMI (Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana) Mr. Carlo Capasa, such a honor to me.

Innovation, research, high quality and, at the same time, respect for your own style are the key words of the CIVIDINI brand.

Author: Maria Zota

Ph. © Nick Zonna 

Photographer Press Editor-Media Relation

Phone: +39 3478253843 

Mail: [email protected]

Twitter: @nickzonnaphoto

Cividini Celebrates the 30th Anniversary for it’s A/W 2019-2020 Collection by Maria Zota & Nick Zonna

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