Chanel Allure Homme Sport Cologne – Glide 360° Experience

The Allure Homme Sport fragrance range includes three versions: a cologne, the limited-edition Eau Extreme eau de parfum and the limited-release eau de toilette. Chanel also offers a range of grooming products that complement the fragrance.

Perspective participation
Marketing fragrance and personal care products has its challenges, as the category is not easily portrayed without trial and an in-store experience. But, digital marketing’s embrace of 360-degree film allows the consumer to experience a product on their own through abstract touchpoints that craft the intended feeling associated with the item’s use.

For instance, French couture house Jean Paul Gaultier let consumers see its brand from a new angle.

The brand has developed a 360-degree experience in which consumers can observe a scene from a fragrance bottle’s point-of-view. Increasingly, brands are debuting experiences that mimic virtual reality, inviting consumers into their inner workings through video.

Similarly, French atelier Christian Dior welcomed consumers to its founder’s childhood home in Normandy, France to better understand its Dior Prestige skincare line.

Mr. Dior was raised in Granville, Normandy in a villa, preserved by the brand to this day, that continuously acts as a source of inspiration for its wares, especially the property’s extensive gardens. Dior’s marketing communications always keep its founder close to its overall message, often using his idiosyncrasies and passions as a focal point as the brand continues Mr. Dior’s legacy.

Chanel Allure Homme Sport Cologne – Glide 360° Experience



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