Carpisa & Penélope Cruz Together Again 2016

Carpisa, the famous Italian brand leader in handbags and suitcases, renewed for 2016 its collaboration with Penélope Cruz.

Penélope, a perfect combination of international flair and Spanish sensuality, is the ideal interpreter for Carpisa’s world: the fascinating Spanish actress, after the great success of the 2015 campaign, is lending her image and style, and reinforces it with a very special project.

We will see her in the new spot of Carpisa, where she becomes a singer to perform the famous song by Modugno Tu si’ na cosa grande, evoking proudly the Italian character of the brand.

A spot full of sensuality that emerges not only because of her face and image, but also for her wonderful voice with a little Spanish accent; a spot with soft colours and exhibitions in black and white; where EXILLE, Carpisa’s icon hand bag, presented in green emerald during this season, acquires a very particular charisma. “Na cosa grande” is also a phrase that presents and not seen collection before.

From February 25, customers will be able to find the new Capsule Collection designed by Penélope and Mónica Cruz in all Carpisa’s store: integrated by five lines of handbags, with their own matching accessories, and this year for the first time include also suitcases.

In particular: a line of shopping bags with a soft structure, perforated and unlined, with side contrast, fresh and versatile; three lines of wallets with unique colour, striped and polka-dot, young and daring; a line of mini clutch with a padded quilted shoulder chain, delicious and elegant. Details of metal, shown in the variant of old gold, make them unique.

The popularity of the actress and image of Carpisa now is accentuated by a high profile in the world of cinema: the film Zoolander 2 starring with Ben Stiller, along with the next Grimsy-Attenti a quell’altro, and Ma Ma, a drama Penélope is the protagonist.

Don’t miss the Spring Carpisa’s Collection, which promises to be full of new proposals presented by the charming and sensual voice and the incredible style of its testimonial: Penélope Cruz.

Carpisa & Penélope Cruz Together Again 2016



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