BVLGARI – Wishes Full of Colour

It is a Larger than Life Christmas for Bulgari, conveyed through the special demeanour and vision that have always distinguished the jewellery brand.
A celebration of life bursting with colour makes the wait during the holiday season even more precious.
The windows of the Bulgari flagship store express authentic, happy, auspicious values and content, blending their significance with the iconic elements of the history and DNA of the maison.
Fireworks will be the theme chosen for the holidays around New Year’s Eve 2017. Fireworks, a source of wonder, celebrate an explosion of life.
They trace figures in the sky, composing bouquets of dazzling colours against the black backdrop of the night. Invented in ancient China, the art of pyrotechnics has become a tradition for ringing in the
New Year in many countries around the globe, illuminating the squares of the most important cities, tingeing them with colour and hope, the protagonists of a spectacle with infinite symbolic value. Fireworks are designed with a jeweller’s touch to celebrate the magnificent Serpenti, DIVAS’ DREAM, BVLGARI BVLGARI, B.zero1 creations and watches.
These unique illustrations were created by an artist especially for Bulgari and made by a weaver who produces a jacquard motif using specific artisan looms, one of only five in Europe capable of such a colourful technique. It is as colourful as the new Christmas slogan of the maison: Wishes full of colour.
Are you still dreaming of a white Christmas?

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BVLGARI –  Wishes Full of Colour


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