The Puffer Jackets are the New Tendency of 2018 /2019 Winter by Giulia Bertomoro

Puffy and couture, the puffet jacket is back.
Do not just call it puffet jacket.
The season’s most popular “must have” is much more than just a puffet jacket.

Soft, comfortable and timeless, the puffet jacket even grazes couture thanks to the new super-light, frost-proof materials (it is no coincidence that Moncler has dedicated the Genius line to him, calling Valentino’s Pierpaolo Piccioli).

The era puffet jacket just for cold days, is finished: , the puffet jacket is no longer caged in its role of ‘anti-cold’ jacket, ready to protect from bad weather , but has managed to establish itself as a true trend, idolized by every self-respecting fashion victim.

Shiny padded coats with fur-lined hoods were associated with the kind of ostentatious label-loving shoppers who frequented the most affluent neighbourhoods only, while down-filled multi-pocketed outdoor jackets were only really worn by hikers and climbers.

Popular padded jacket colors include vivid red, yellow and blue, and even loud colors like pink and fluorescent yellow. Some jackets make a statement as they are coated with gloss or glitter, while others are made with metallic fabric and are patterned with checks and aurora designs.
The padded jacket is a winter must-have.

Author: Giulia Bertomoro

The Puffer Jackets are the New Tendency of 2018 /2019 Winter by Giulia Bertomoro

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