The Italian Beauty

In the Fashion World, it is difficult to find great creative collaborations where is possible to show different brands, with equal “narrative dignity”, that work together on the female beauty idea.


Whether it is an Atelier or a Fashion House or a Jewelry Maison or Accessories Maison, there is always the idea to cover, 360 degrees, all the possible creative scenarios without any mutual sharing.

From this point of view, Chanel is a formidable example of this behavior : the creation instinct is basically central and tends to steal ideas from the world, it tends to internalize these ideas, following the “time” sense,  to incorporate the time, into its personal tale, as Andy Warhol did with Marilyn Monroe or Elvis Presley images or Campbell’s Soup cans.

Chanel, however, is justified by the fact that, it self-interprets the “French” fashion and style concept and, by its natural  “high position” compares to everything else, can define its brand identity by the fact that “Luxury” is also a “geographic” fact.

Chanel can perfectly have its own “logical sense” because Chanel lives with the lights, streets, and palaces of Paris, where even a cold, rainy day can evoke what, in other places, does not exist.

Yes, it is true; the cold and rainy days give me a melancholy sensation, and it is the same concept that in the Zurich Lake transmits sadness: all these emotions, in Paris sound “terribly romantic”!

And now, that those days are even shorter, I miss the “colors” and I often think about memories that warm my heart.

I remind the perfumes of my Milan experience, during the last Fashion Week, in a wonderful Milanese garden, where, Damiani jewels and Antonio Riva Maison, showed a combination that I would never be able to see in Paris: the savoir-faire class  and the “Italian” style class,  its “active and creative” force,  the magical world that “impregnates” the wonderful creations.

A precious wire, that, I can definitely say, joins their worlds: a unique and different sensibility, that can not be bought, but it can be “breathed” for an entire life, and maybe for ages too.

Unlike France and Paris, Italy is more fragmented; it is difficult to represent in a unique way. Italy cannot be identified with a single city, but rather as a wonderful flowering garden made up of many peculiarities that make it impossible to replicate.

A wonderful garden, in an ancient courtyard, in a Milan still full of sun and light: this is my warmest memory: intense, fragrant, full of sounds, voices, and colors, representing the magic of Italian beauty.

A sophisticated scenery by Antonio Riva’s fashion creations, diamond and white gold butterflies, golden daisies, and waterfalls of lights and precious Damiani diamonds, together with the beautiful event guests, made up an elaborate “experience”  immersive and emotional.

It seemed to be in a “movie” where the guests were the main actors, with their glances and smiles, cups of tea and pastries, living a refined and unforgettable experience where the remembrance remains indelible for its class, elegance and its refined idea of “Italian Beauty”.

The designer Antonio Riva welcomed everyone, celebrities, and common people, with the same enthusiasm and with his magnificent smile, he was very  available; from taking the photo op,  to telling and presenting his own creations, that you could admire, at the same time,  in the shop window Damiani miniatures, in “Montenapoleone Street”.

Damiani Maison presented its jewels and wonderful creations, exhibited in showcases located in Riva Atelier and in the garden, where gorgeous Mannequins, wore breathtaking jewels.

Patrizia Spinelli – Damiani Global PR & Communication Director and the team led by Davide Parolini’s team – Damiani Global PR & Communication Specialist – create a very natural atmosphere, even if the event was very elaborate and very difficult to care with the right wonderful attention and consideration.


The Italian Beauty by Audrey Tritto

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