The Fellinian Rome of Moschino Moschino Men’s Autumn/Winter 19 and Women’s Pre-fall 2019

Moschino Fashion Show presented the new men’s collection and the women’s pre-collection , for sure, take inspiration from La Dolce Vita and 8 ½.

The imagery of the legendary cinematography signed by Fellini is mixed in the garments of the new Moschino Men collection and in the Women Pre-collection .

The ruins of the Baths of Caracalla reproduced in Cinecittà, were amazing, as a set for the A / W 2019 Catwalk, transformed into a ballroom in  La Dolce Vita movie by Fellini : Moschino made a spectacular environment for  the Fashion Show .

Inside the historic Cinecittà studios — a sprawling film studio known as ‘The Dream Factory’ which has shot more than 3000 films — Jeremy Scott blew manipulated characters from Fellini’s archive.

It was a great pleasure for me, to come back in Cinecittà, after Renato Balestra Show of last year.

What about the amazing Moschino dresses?

From the opulent court dresses of the Italian nobility that are modernized by shortening them, cutting them into a bodice worn on a caged skirt up to the suits whose embroideries outline ribs and femurs creating precious “skeletons” with golden thread

“It’s Fellini,” Jeremy excitedly explained backstage post-show after being congratulated by Fellini muse Sandra Milo. “It’s all the things I love about him mixed together. There are exaggerations, off-duty showgirls, Casanovas, Centurions. It’s surreal, it’s otherworldly.” It’s Jeremy Scott and it’s Moschino.”

I can say that Watching the Moschino show, attended by Fellini muse Sandra Milo and walked by an applause-inducing cast including Debra Shaw and Nadja Auermann in Felliniesque showgirl glory, was one of my  best fashion experiences!!

Author: Maria Zota

The Fellinian Rome of Moschino Moschino Men’s Autumn/Winter 19 and Women’s Pre-fall 2019 by Maria Zota

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