SATELLITE Paris – Fall/Winter Collection 2016-2017 by Cristina Fiorentino

PARIS – FW 16-17 

Sandrine Dulon is an ethnologist, Daniel Ouaki a photographer. They are young and start to explore the world together. America, Asia, Southern Europe, have in common the love for new meetings and neighbor. As time passed, Sandrine collects of antique jewelry, fine materials, stones fine and original objects. Each kind ofobject that refers to the family tradition: his father is indeed a collector of primitive art, his mother designs jewelry. Enriched by the experience accumulated during his travels, Sandrine dying to create her jewelry and Daniel will know how to encourage it: with the first jewelry came the first orders. In 1987 the young couple gives birth to SATELLITE.

In the new collection FW 16-17 SATELLITE PARIS focus the main themes of some distant cultures, taken as a cue to create jewelry from ethnic flavor. Five collections consist of unique and personalized pieces, using local materials such as freshwater pearls, beads of Japan, pheasant feathers and silk threads.

The SATELLITE PARIS jewels are original creations designed Parisian atelier and free from the dictates of fashion. They are timeless pieces, unique and the image of women that inspire them. Taking as reference the “savoir-faire” of haute couture, his taste for the precious as embroidery, the setting of stones and weaving, sharing in the worship and love for the details. They love beautiful materials, fine stones, pearls, silk, feathers and especially the exuberance of daring associations.
The jewels are entirely handmade by skilled artisans, each piece is unique.

Author: Cristina Fiorentino



SATELLITE Paris – Fall/Winter Collection 2016-2017 by Cristina Fiorentino


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