Sabrina Persechino and her wonderful collection named “Be Sign”… because “Everything you do.. leaves a sign” by Maria Zota

Sabrina Persechino and her wonderful collection named  “Be Sign”… because  “Everything you do.. leaves a sign”

This year, with  a great joy, I went to visti “Alta Moda Roma” , the main fashion event in Rome.

But, unlike in previous years, Alta Roma chooses an old bus depot for this event.Absence of good taste. Why do they choose a degraded area instead of emphasizing monumental cultural contexts?. Yes, ir was Pratibus district.

We hope that next year things will change.

Nevertheless, it was fantastic to admire Sabrina Persechino Fashion creations.

Her collection “Be sign” means leave a mark, to affect.

The autumn-winter 2019-2020 collection begins with the words that have always marked the modus operandi of Sabrina Persechino, an architect, and that have been taught to her by the masters she met during her career.

Be_sign is also a strong tribute to the Bauhaus, a school of architecture, art and design, from which the collection draws its inspiration.

The observation of rationalist architecture and design objects, of the works of Walter Gropius, as well as of the paintings of the second twenty years of the 20th century and the Seal of the State Bauhaus by Oskar Schlemmer, is transferred to fabrics and models, generating real signs, often perpendicular to a thistle and decumanus, sometimes curved, arcs of a circle that furrow the tissues.

Wisely measured incisions and cuts in perfect architectural balance mark the silhouette of the mannequins, creating a sober and rigorous collection with a strong architectural imprint.

Apparently rationalist in the shapes that mark the outerwear and evening gowns, be_sign softens the lines in the sinuosity of the sheath dresses and in the softness of cashmere jersey.

For me it was very important to see how art, fashion and architetural lines meet in Sabrina Persechino Fashion creations.

Author: Maria Zota 


Sabrina Persechino and her wonderful collection named “Be Sign”… because “Everything you do.. leaves a sign” by Maria Zota


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