With an Enormous Success «Riga Ball 2019» Was Held in the Capital of Latvia by Maria Zota

With an Enormous Success «Riga Ball 2019» Was Held in the Capital of Latvia

On September 7, the capital of Latvia hosted one of the most beautiful and significant cultural events in the country – “Riga Ball 2019. Latvian Ballet – 100!”.

This year, “Riga Ball” was dedicated to the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Latvian ballet, so the organizers of the event, led by the artistic director of the Ball, a well-known teacher, director and choreographer Talis Sils, reflected the theme of the evening in the program acts dedicated to the ballet.

Traditionally, the opening of the “Riga Ball” started with the festive speech of the Mayor of Riga. Then the guests of the Ball witnessed ceremonial entrance and first thrilling dance of the young debutants: the debutantes and their partners were specifically selected in the largest universities in Latvia and trained by the best Latvian dancers and choreographers of the ballroom dance. Followed by the performance of the debutants, the organizers, with the support from the partners of the event, announced the opening of “Riga Ball 2019”. Latvian ballet – 100! ”

The event was attended by politicians, businessmen and people from the Forbes list, people of art and culture from Latvia, France, England, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia and many other countries.

This event was a real success! Nataly Tumsevica-Ergle, the Ball’s patroness said that they were pleased that guests from so many countries honored “Riga Ball” with their attention; also, it was a big honor that the Mayor of Riga Oleg Burov opened the evening. She pointed that the evening program was very eventful, and she especially pointed out the work of their artistic director Talis Sils, who created unusual ballet performances in different styles – from classical to modern, and of course the work of the whole team, well-organized and precise, like a Swiss watch! She was very pleased with how the charity part of the Ball went. With the funds raised during the auction they would purchase instruments for talented musicians – cellist Reinis Rudzitis and violinist Teresa Sara Smite. Nataly told that all guests received valuable gifts for their generosity, from the “Riga Ball” partners. She expressed special thanks to The Riga Ball’s partners. Without them, she would never have created such a holiday for Riga. Patroness added that next year they are going to celebrate the fifth anniversary of “Riga Ball”, so a special event awaits the capital of Latvia. They are already starting to plan it! She could only tell that the debutants competition for “Riga Ball 2020” would be announced soon, and there would be many surprises ahead.

The concert program of the celebration was impressive this year. In front of guests performed: the Operetta Theater Symphony Orchestra conducted by conductor Atvars Lakstigala, Jazz Orchestra “Mirage” conducted by Lauris Amantovs; soloist of the Latvian National Opera and Ballet Kristaps Jaunzeikars; soloists of the Operetta Theater Karlis Rutentals, Anta Jankovska and Laura Purena, famous Latvian opera singers Olga Argo (resident of the Queen’s House, London) and Vadim Vakaruk (Italy, Latvia); five-time Latvian ballroom dance champions Edgars Linis and Eliza Ancane, percussionist and ballet dancer Sonia Misina, as well as TS Dance Academy ballet dancers, laureates of international competitions in Italy, China, Bulgaria and Russia Evelina Inne, Elsa Strumpe, Sofia Rokk and Margarita Koroleva. The young talents from Exupery International School, talented Latvian musicians and children from orphanages also delighted the guests with their touching performances. And, of course, traditionally the patroness of the Ball – Nataly Tumsevica-Ergle performed in front of the guests together with a jazz orchestra. She performed compositions in Latvian, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian and made the whole ballroom dance!

As a tradition there was a voting during the Ball for the best pair of debutants. The winners – Paula Purmale and Marcis Abols. Debutant Nicoletta Adrianova received the sympathy of «Lublju» magazine.

Exclusive dinner for the “Riga Ball” was provided by the restaurant 36 Line restaurant and desserts were served up by Desertu Studija. Designer cocktails were created by mixologists from Prike Latvija and Bar Department. As before, a pyramid of champagne glasses became the integral attribute of the event – a symbol of the house Moët & Chandon, personifying abundance and luxury. Venden and Lavazza provided non-alcoholic drinks of the highest quality. Traditionally, the art gallery, where the talented Latvian artist Ilze Preisa presented her works, was a wonderful addition to the celebration.


Company “Sajūtu Aleja” decorated the event with 5000 flowers, and “Rīgas Revija” decorated the evening with exclusive balloons.

Wedding boutique “6. Septembris” and Klerr.lv provided debutants with magnificent outfits, and experts from Studio17 Beauty salon took care of their hairstyles and makeup.

To create a unique atmosphere of the Ball during the event, a strict Black-Tie dress code was applied.

“Riga Ball” is an annual international event and its main objectives are to revive the values of classical European and traditional Latvian culture, popularize Riga and Latvia in the world, and also help young, talented musicians.

The organizers of “Riga Ball” – society Royal Events.

 “Riga Ball” was supported by: LIVE RIGA, Riga City Council, Cellarte, Exupery International School, LNK Group, Moët & Chandon, Sajūtu aleja, Ver Noma, Desertu Studija, wedding boutique “6. Septembris”, Studio17 Beauty salon, Rīgas Rēvija, Venden, Lavazza and other.

Media partners: Neatkarīgā Rīta avīze, Люблю, ЛюблюLife, VIP Lounge, Titanium, Vakara Ziņas.

Additional information: www.rigasballe.lv, [email protected], +371 28100843.

Project page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rigasballe

Video of the event: https://youtu.be/3nKDV8oSHcY

Author: Maria Zota 


With an Enormous Success «Riga Ball 2019» Was Held in the Capital of Latvia by Maria Zota


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