Renato Balestra Enchants Everyone With His S/S Collection 2017 at AltaRoma by Maria Elena Fabi

Fashion Icon Renato Balestra, Enchants Everyone With His Spring-Summer Collection 2017 During AltaRoma

Renato Balestra take on AltaRoma catwalks the new Haute Couture Spring-Summer Collection 2017, at the old barracks in Via Guido Reni, a wonderful place where the Italian designer was also honored by Virginia Rays, a career award truly deserved.

Renato Balestra, hailing from a family of stalwart architects, future high-fashion designer was born in Trieste, Italy, one of the most prosperous seaports in Europe, and a hub for literature and music in 1924.

For this reason Renato spent part of his childhood soaking in the best that European culture and history had to offer.

During his life he learn a lot, between the intricacies of architecture (no doubt encouraged by his parents), as well as opera, music, and painting.

Since he is a lover of opera, he has created the costumes for many productions, including Rossini’s Cinderella for the Belgrade Opera Company and Cavaliere della Rosa by Strauss performed at Trieste.

Another passion of the fashion icon Renato Balestra is traveling : it is also his philosophy of life .

This has been reflected in the continuing expansion of  the Balestra fashion house  into every continent even reaching the Far East.

Did you know that Balestra is one of the few Italian fashion stylists ever to be awarded an honorary professorship of the Fashion Academy of Beijing?

Renato Balestra has kept fashion in the family – his eldest daughter Fabiana Balestra, is the chief director of the Italian brand.

\His label continued to rise to international fame, and his brand is known for light, glamorous fabrics and silks often stitched with precious metals. Celebrities proved open to his designs, and his clothes soon draped across the bodies princesses, queens, first ladies, and films stars including Elizabeth Taylor. Due to his love of traveling, the Balestra name has reached across the continents, including the Middle East and China.

What does he said about his new collection? “ Right now I feel very romantic and full of energy!”

Author: Maria Elena Fabi

Giornalista Professionista / Conduttrice Tv & Radio 
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Renato Balestra Enchants Everyone With His S/S Collection 2017 at AltaRoma by Maria Elena Fabi


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