Haute Couture Collection Fall – Winter 2017
Friday, July 8, 2016 at 16 P.M.
Ex Dogana – Room 3
Via dello scalo S. Lorenzo, 10


Fond of jewels and gems, Rani Zakhem creates a collection that rebuilds, with its embroidery and its workings, the irresistible allure of precious stones.
As in the Russian Imperial court and that of the Indian Maharaja of late nineteenth century, the precious parure symbolize the power and wealth of the wearer.
Thousand tales of a pomp now forgotten, not only a tribute to the mastery of the art jewelery and beauty of gemstones. In this collection, Rani Zakhem creates much more of a glittering black magic, but intends to sue the magnificence of Empires now disappeared. Reinvents seduction, enriching opulent grandeur, reviving disappearances princesses and bringing us back to the lands of Russia and the Indian Empire, including the courts of the Romanovs and the palace of Maharané of Baroda. He tells a story, takes us into a world where the outfits are carved with the stuff of which dreams are made.
The collection unfolds tale after tale. Each dress is a piece of jewelry or a precious stone, with mentioned glow, bright colors and sinuous shapes, stolen the most precious finery.
As acting within amethyst silk velvet in which the neckline is adorned in transparent crystals, like a precious diamond necklace, or put velvet Peridot in which the back and the neckline tulle are adorned with precious croisillons on which shine a myriad of green crystals; or opulent and precious “black diamond dress”, soft, snug and supple in his opaque glitter.

Dresses like precious gems are followed on the catwalk. Here I sapphire, in shimmering velvet like the polar night powdered by a cloud of stars; the ardent and sensual ruby playing with the lace bodice and tulle applications. The enigmatic hematite, who lives in a smoke-colored dress decorated with a gray lace patchwork and blacks, illuminated by a reading light similar to a first snow on an inaccessible forest. The romantic evanescence of a long dress in tulle with reflections of pink gold and bouquets of flowers dazzling hand-painted.
Here and there a touch of fur, precious like a jewel among wild foxes black or silver, and the chinchilla sleeves recalling the joyous escapes through the snowy steppes.
From the point of view of tailoring each dress is an exercise in style, with accurate cuts that create deep necklines and perfect, swollen balloon sleeves, lace-fouling, Carthusians and fine embroidery.
The delicate velvet caress makes every outfit a casket for the woman who wears it, because the most precious jewel is she, with her beauty and her irresistible charm, true protagonist of a collection in which the romantic cuts reminiscent of the lines of the nineteenth century.

Author: Cristina Fiorentino

Rani Zakhem Haute Couture Collection Fall/Winter 2017 by Cristina Fiorentino

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