Parah Collection Enchants Every Woman! by Vanessa Barrui

Parah Collection Enchants Every Woman!

Parah beachwear collection merges original and unique colours, slightly snobby sartorial cuts and the most cutting-edge technological fabrics in order to encode an harmonious and thorough style that envelopes and moulds the silhouette of the Parah woman, enhancing and emphasizing the sinuous elegance of the body shapes.

For me, as model, was such a great honor to wear these fabulous pieces of Fashion.

The quality of made in Italy meets with creativity and femininity in the lingerie and beachwear Parah collections. A tribute to sensuality, in full respect of all female silhouettes. Craftsmanship, fit and contemporary style with vintage incursions: the perfect combination.

In its years of activity, Parah has worked to develop a project, a philosophy that aims to create new trends with an unmistakable touch: the passion for the product, the assiduous and continuous research, the unique style, the absolute glamour and an inimitable comfort. The combination of all these elements makes Parah an exclusive, desirable and easily recognizable fashion brand that stands for established reliability and excellence.

For me, as model, was really interesting to be for some pictures Parah woman: because The Parah woman is self-confident, modern and sensitive, with an hectic daily life that does not prevent her from being fashion-savvy. She is looking for a strong language, which can be catchy, seductive and extremely personal.

Parah Collection Enchants Every Woman! by Vanessa Barrui


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