Nicole Kidman : The Star of the First Milan Fashion Week by Maria Zota

Nicole Kidman : The Star of the First Milan Fashion Week

Everyone knows her. The whole world wants her. Everyone talks about her.

The first day of the Milan Fashion Week, dedicated to the Spring Summer 2020 fashion shows, immediately reserved a star: Nicole Kidman.

And Nicole chooses Prada, Milan and Italy to express her elegant style.  The truth is that during the show I was so excited to see Nicole so kind and smiling with everyone.


The fifty-year-old actress, a veteran of the Toronto film festival, was the guest of Prada. With a dress in graffiti print, smiling and polite, she entered last.

I can say that it was a true Hollywood Opening (literally) for Milan Fashion Week 2019 when Prada presented its fashion show in the spaces of its Foundation.

Nicole presented herself, very fashion as she knows how to be. Long straight hair. Cat glasses, Prada dress. Hair Line from a part (as the latest hair trends dictate). And it was immediately a triumph.

The chosen accessories are no less so, a small silver belt embraces the thin waistline. The very special shoes are in pink satin with a plastic and deconstructed heel, while the bag is a silver mini-bag, also signed by Prada.

I really felt in love with Nicole printed dress, knee-length, in a creamy shade and with an abstract decoration in black, light red and green. Fingers studded with rings, thin belt, forest-colored lipstick, glowing skin, the star shone in the spotlight of the fashion show.

Kidman walked the red carpet giving some selfies to the adoring fans and then taking a seat, in the front row, alongside the famous Vogue America director Anna Wintour.

I can say   that Nicole Kidman is a timeless star, with her natural elegance, grace, and sophisticated style , she was simpy … Nicole.

Author: Maria Zota 


Nicole Kidman : The Star of the First Milan Fashion Week by Maria Zota


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