Nature Triumph with Dior by Sarah Duque Lovisoni

Nature Triumph with Dior

Spring Summer 2020

During the wonderful Paris fashion Week I can say the catwalks were awash in jungle imagery, with hovering fronds and glowering vines seemingly everywhere.

When I was invied at Christian Dior Fahion Show, which for many marks the beginning of Paris Fashion Week, the jungle became a forest—or perhaps an arbor—but of a strictly transitory stripe.

While Dior outfits give a magnificent visual effect, Maria Grazia Chiuri worked with the Paris-based environmental design collective Coloco, whose work regarding green spaces and urban regeneration she finds inspiring when thinking about sustainability.

I really appreciated how the “show trees” will soon be planted in projects around the city. And they are not solely European trees, Chiuri was quick to point out, as healthy gardens are, by design, heterogeneous.

Such an inspiring message: in the center of the Dior runway lay the central analogy for the show: Respect for diversity and nature will set us free.

What I personally loved about the clothes, were the silhouettes like a hit parade of Chiuri classics: Jackets were boxy, pants slouched from a dropped crotch, dresses (high necklines, long sleeves, winsome transparency) grazed the ankles with a smidgen of volume gathered in the back.


I also felt in love with the perforated hiking boot, a logoed espadrille, an earthy flat. There was a cool men’s shirt in forget-me-not blue to layer under nifty tailoring. There was a small passage of looks in stone gray cotton that provided the chicest nod to utility on the runway in some time (the short boilersuit was adorable). There were bleached denim ombré pieces that consign all the many attempts at acid wash elsewhere to (’80s) shame.

The main theme of Dior was the Nature, and it was present in all the dresses—printed, appliquéd, embroidered, crystal-ed, filigreed—in which lace, raffia, jacquard, silk, and tulle were layered and interwoven to create thoroughly wonderful, artisanal items.

What I really love was the sustainability piece that Chiuri offers at Dior is precious handwork married to real design in ready-to-wear.

And I was very impressed by these buy-now-wear-forever dresses; they should take root in one’s closet and grow in emotional value over time.

Congrats to Dior for his Amazing Show!

Author: Sarah Duque Lovisoni

NTA Talent Agency



Snapchat: Sduquelovisoni


Nature Triumph with Dior by Sarah Duque Lovisoni


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