Moschino Colours and Theatricality Light Up MFW2020 While Marie Antoniette is Eating a Cake

How extra were the  Marie Antoinette wigs at Moschino?

In my opinion, the fusion of fashion, beauty, and popular culture is alive and thriving in Milan. 

I think that one of the best beauty moments from the latest runway shows was during The Moschino Fall 2020 show was held in Milan on Thursday night.

My impression was that the designer Jeremy Scott seems to have had Paris on his mind. 

I was so excited t be part of this fashion show beginning with the decadently designed cake-adorned invites, followed by a mirrored catwalk, the theme took flight as the show got underway.

Which was the main concept? There she was in every look, in every updo: Marie Antoinette.

While talking about the fashion creation, what I like the most was the sky-high hair in shades varying from platinum and pastel pink to chestnut, toile-print bustles, gilded denim and rich velvet jacquard: If the French queen were to step through the doors of Versailles today, surely this is what she’d be wearing. 

I deeply appreciate the genial combination: these looks were, of course, mixed among Moschino’s signature moto-jacket ease and matching accessories.

Everyone was shocked by the cake theme! Yes, what took the cake, though, were the actual “cake” dresses. There was a pink-and-white off-the-shoulder number that matched the invite, a white tiered frock with orange flowers perfect for a summer wedding in the French countryside and the show’s closer: a pristinely white bridal dress that looked good enough to eat. 

It was cheeky and chic, and those on board with Scott’s “let them eat cake” concept were served their just desserts.

What you have to see online is a video, where Gigi and Bella Hadid threw it back to the 1980s with the striking looks in the coolest new promo video for Moschino.

The two model sisters rocked out as part of “Moschinorama” with Kaia Gerber, Imaan Hammam, and Adut Akech in the fun visual.

The rocking band performed Karla DeVito‘s “Cool World” for the ad campaign and we can’t wait to see more!

Author: Maria Zota 


Moschino Colours and Theatricality Light Up MFW2020 While Marie Antoniette is Eating a Cake by Maria Zota

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