Molly Bracken Brand was founded in 2008 by Julian and Catherine Sidonio,  who discovered  a box of memories containing photos of ‘20s  representing a young Irish girl in love, whose name was Molly.

Her delicacy, the feminine style and the strong character were the main features that inspired her nephew Julian and his wife Catherine. Thanks to their long experience in the fashion field, they decide to create a prêt-à-porter collection in a revisited retrò style by introducing lace, sequins, tulle and knitwear.

After the great success in North America, with more than a thousand stores opened in the United States and Canada and more than 3,000 around the world, Molly Bracken constantly  growth planning  new openings in Mexico and Colombia .

SS17 Man, Woman and Little Girl collections (Molly Bracken, Mini Molly Bracken, Lily Sindonio for Molly Bracken) will be presented in Intermoda Fair (Guadalajara, Mexico) from 19 to 22 July 2016 and during Inexmodda Fair in Colombia from 26 to 28 of July.

After opening in Florence, Naples and Viareggio  Molly Bracken has recently opened its fourth Italian one-brand store located in  “Il Vulcano” Shopping Center, in Sesto San Giovanni.

For more information please contact: [email protected]

Author: Annalisa Fiscarelli


Molly Bracken – The French Brand To The South America Conquest by Annalisa Fiscarelli

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